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Are You a Responsible Workaholic?
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Are You A Responsible Workaholic?

Responsible Personality

They are remarkably productive, focused and goal oriented. They are great team members, and tend to do well at any sort of position requiring responsibility and hard work.

Workaholic Personality

They They simply don't know when to quit. They are very reluctant to pass on a duty or responsibility, often with mottos such as "If you want it done right, do it yourself," and "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well." Then they abuse themselves trying to get everything accomplished. The only way that they can take a break without feeling guilty is if they are terribly sick.


Responsible Workaholic Personality Aspects

  • RESPONSIBLE / WORKAHOLICS learn early in life, usually by 5 or 6, that most of the strokes they get are from focusing their attention on activity and productivity rather than simply on being themselves.  Attention to feelings is remarkably limited.  Consequently, responsible/workaholics tend to work and think over the top of their feelings.

  • RESPONSIBLE / WORKAHOLICS tend to be model citizens and pillars of the community.  They will invariably involve themselves in activities of great magnitude and relax only by doing lesser tasks.  They think, plan and do.  Lists of lists of activities and projects are typical for them as they attempt to organize their duties.  They tend to lose any semblance of balance between work and play or relaxation.

  • RESPONSIBLE / WORKAHOLICS need to learn that they don't have to be perfect, and that they can make mistakes and still have a successful life.  Learning that they can take breaks rather than working themselves to death is a crucial struggle between issues of self worth being derived from doing versus simply being!  They need to learn to calm their own inner anxieties and learn to enjoy the fine but neglected art of simply being!

  • RESPONSIBLE / WORKAHOLICS need for others to initially address them through their thinking and then to help them to think more deeply by getting in touch with and identify their feelings.  Permission and encouragement from others to take breaks, have fun and enjoy their own playful side are also helpful.

  • RESPONSIBLE / WORKAHOLICS are at their best when they integrate their feelings with their thinking.  That is where you'll see the biggest change in their obsessive and compulsive working behavior.