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What Are Psychsongs?

The use of safe, supportive, and informational humor in psychotherapy is frequently overlooked and can often serve as a valuable form of contact with others.

This CD, PERSONALITY ADAPTATIONS, Light-hearted & Lyrical was adapted from the text, Personality Adaptations, written by Vann Joines, Ph.D. and Ian Stewart, Ph.D. and published by Lifespace Books.

Dorney Thompson combines these healing qualities with helpful information from solid therapeutic sources and then offers them up in the form of playful and memorable melodies and lyrics that teach, support and encourage self-acceptance in harmony with self-understanding.Learn About The Adaptations

The CD entitled "PERSONALITY ADAPTATIONS, Lighthearted and Lyrical" is the first of several compositions to be made available to the listening and learning public. Grounded in an excellent theoretical foundation, this information is a pleasure to consume!!!

Enjoy listening to songs and narration that describe how you can avoid unproductive behavior and gain new awareness about yourself and others.

A great therapeutic aid, as well as a thoughtful gift for those you love!