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Creative Daydreamer
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Are You A Creative Daydreamer?

Creative Personality

They are kind and dear. They work to be strong and try hard to please others. They are very supportive of others and self-reliant, low maintenance, and they don't take up too much space.

Daydreamer Personality

When confronted, or under stress, they often will simply withdraw and "emotionally disappear." They can get so overwhelmed that thinking clearly and advocating for themselves doesn't seem to be an option. Instead they become confused, anxious, worried, and sad.


Creative Daydreamer Personality Aspects

  • CREATIVE/ DAYDREAMERS tend to be kind, polite, supportive people who are very respectful of the space of others. Many, though not all, are creative, artistic types who pursue music, the arts, architecture or poetry. With all of this creativity, they sometimes get lost in their heads and forget to put their wonderful thoughts into action. Others are just dear souls - solid, low maintenance friends, rocks of quiet stability who don't need or seek a great deal of attention from others, often enjoying their own company.

  • CREATIVE/DAYDREAMERS learn early in life, usually by the age of two, to not be "too much". In fact, it seems that they're born with a lot of their quiet nature. They tend to withdraw from too much excitement or drama. They fear that they might overwhelm their already distressed or tentative parents, so they decide to "not make waves" and never be a problem. Their hope is that if they aren't too needy, they just might get their needs met and get taken care of. The message they received (whether real or perceived) was "Don't be too much for me!"

  • CREATIVE / DAYDREAMERS need to learn that (even under pressure) they are capable of thinking clearly. They need to integrate their thinking with their feelings. They can also be as supportive and advocating of themselves as they are of others, and they still won't "be too much".  Further, it really is okay for them to have feelings, needs and expectations that others take them into account.  When they think clearly about their situation and learn self-advocacy, they get moving and they feel better!

  • CREATIVE / DAYDREAMERS need others to deal with them by invading their withdrawn passivity.  People need to recognize that silence doesn't mean there is nothing going on with them and that they frequently have much to offer, if you ask!  If you sit quietly, waiting for them to come out, you're in for a long haul. It's important to gently convey firm expectations for them to think about what they need and want and for them to act in ways that will get these needs met. They'll appreciate your clarity and strength (since they didn't get that growing up).

  • CREATIVE / DAYDREAMERS - everybody should know one!  In their Creative (plus side) they are the dearest friends, kindest mates and most loyal employees. In their Daydreamer (minus side), they can withdraw; slipping through the cracks of your busy schedule. Do you know any CREATIVE / DAYDREAMERS?