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Enthusiastic Over-Reactor
Are You an Enthusiastic Over-Reactor?
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Enthusiastic Over-Reactor

Are You an Enthusiastic Over-Reactor?

Enthusiastic Personality

They are very sensitive to the needs of others. They make wonderful hosts and hostesses and are extremely responsive to the needs of others. They are attentive to their presentation and can bring playfulness and excitement to any situation.

Over-Reactor Personality

They become extremely upset and over-react emotionally if their efforts to make you happy are not effective. They equate attention with love and often "lose" themselves in relationships, ending up feeling hurt or rejected.


Enthusiastic Over-Reactor Personality Aspects

  • ENTHUSIASTIC / OVER-REACTORS learn early in life that they get most of their strokes as children for being cute, delightful and loving.  They don't get credit for their thinking capacity and consequently tend to discredit their capacity to think deeply, clearly or productively.  But keeping others happy is a behavior that they can engage in without a great deal of thought and still get the maximum number of strokes from others.

  • ENTHUSIASTIC / OVER-REACTORS tend to mistake feelings for reality.  They have rather shallow emotions that they can deepen by thinking about their situation.

  • ENTHUSIASTIC / OVER-REACTORS need to learn that they can stop and think about their situation, that feelings aren't facts, and that they can get fully in touch with their anger (which usually is squelched).  They also need to learn that running away from a situation doesn't serve them well and that they can advocate for getting their own needs met (rather than just meeting others' needs.)  They need to know that they can be lovable and competent.

  • ENTHUSIASTIC / OVER-REACTORS need for others to stroke and encourage their independent and insightful thinking, and to challenge any cons about their perceived marginal capacity to think clearly.

  • ENTHUSIASTIC / OVER-REACTORS are at their best when they recognize that keeping the whole world isn't possible and that stopping and thinking clearly about their situation is much wiser counsel.