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Are You A Brilliant Skeptic?

Brilliant Personality

They learn to be very observant and quick to study and absorb detailed information. They are very sharp thinkers and they attempt to be perfect and strong.

Skeptic Personality

When they are surprised or caught off guard they usually respond with anger - an aspect that covers their fear of being hurt or rejected. They can also get jealous and suspicious of other's motives when behavior around them is unpredictable.


Brilliant Skeptic Personality Aspects

  • BRILLIANT / SKEPTICS learn early in life, usually before the age of two, to be cautious and wary.  Too much hurtful blindsiding early in life leaves them with a cautious streak as they attempt to manage positive reactions from parents rather than criticism or rejection

  • BRILLIANT / SKEPTICS tend to be astute, wary and cautious, and they usually prefer predictability rather than playful or spontaneous pleasure. They tend to withdraw from rather than engage others.  They are often brilliant thinkers. They can be very efficient workers, focused and expecting of excellence from themselves and others.

  • BRILLIANT / SKEPTICS need to learn how to integrate their feelings.  When they do, their critical and attacking behavior subsides.  They begin to feel safe and supported and to understand that their suspicion toward others is often unwarranted. It helps for them to actually check out their paranoid fantasies with others.  As they discover what is true and feelings emerge about what they have been thinking, they become less suspicious. They need to feel safe enough to get in touch with those feelings.

  • BRILLIANT / SKEPTICS need for others to be safe, predictable, supportive and worthy of trust as they make contact through thinking. As they feel safe, address and support their feelings.  Encourage them to check out any suspicious thoughts that they are having about you. It helps tremendously if you recognize that their attacking or guarded behavior isn't really about you!

  • BRILLIANT / SKEPTICS are great resource people who can be remarkably reliable in clutch situations!  These are the sharp thinking operators behind the scenes in many political, legal and business operations. They can stay on task and contribute great clarity.