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Are You A Charming Manipulator?

Charming Personality

They are energetic, charming, engaging, and articulate individuals who can make things happen in a hurry. Their sense of entitlement offers a self-support system that promotes and drives them to goals that they set for themselves. They think well on their feet and are effective leaders and organizers, particularly if projects cast a favorable spotlight on them. There is nothing shy about this character!


Manipulator Personality

They often will neglect to take others into account, believing instead that it is a "dog-eat-dog" world. They will compete from the opening bell! They rarely ask directly for what they want, opting instead to maneuver or use power plays to get their needs met, so that they don't have to feel the pain of rejection or disregard.


Charming Manipulator Personality Aspects

  • CHARMING / MANIPULATORS learn early in life that they are entitled to support and love.  However, their experience teaches them that caregivers are inconsistent and unreliable, and that feels to them like a dirty rotten trick is being played on them;  that their supportive rug has been pulled out from under them!  They decide never to be caught being that vulnerable ever again.  They use their wit, charm, and brilliance to outmaneuver others,  rather than trusting that others will be there for them is central to the drama of this character.

  • CHARMING / MANIPULATORS tend to be actively aggressive with others.  They are very external stimulus seeking and respond well to projects and activities that invite their engagement.  They make wonderful entrepreneurs, and do well in sales and promotional types of careers.

  • CHARMING / MANIPULATORS need to learn to integrate their feelings.  They also need to take others into account, and learn to "clean up their act!" to stop conning others to get their needs met.  Since they haven't trusted that others will be there for them, they've  can wasted incredible amounts of energy maneuvering, when they need to simply ask directly for what they want.

  • CHARMING / MANIPULATORS need for others to playfully call them on their slick behavior by pointing out how clever they are! They need to know that it is safe for them to feel and express their feelings and that you'll still be safe, reliable and worthy of their trust.  They appreciate strength and clarity and really need to know that they can be close to you and not lose their freedom.

  • CHARMING / MANIPULATORS really shine when you support them and hold them accountable for taking you into account.  They tend to be much better at envisioning and starting projects than they are at completing those same projects, so being held accountable actually ultimately serves them well, (although they'll feel that you are attempting to make them adhere to rules that were simply designed for others to follow!)