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EDxTM Training
For Therapists and Allied Health Professionals

Interested In More Information About EDxTM?

For additional information about the content of this workshop, please read the information listed below or click for Dr. Gallo's website.


EDxTM Practitioner Certification Program

This comprehensive program entails four 2-day seminars (48+ hours of training). Trainees are also enrolled in the EDxTM email Forum throughout the course of the training to offer between-sessions support. The details of the 4 levels are as follows:

EDxTM Level I: The first level in the training series that comprises the Practitioner Certification Program. Completing Level I prepares the practitioner to effectively apply these methods within the practice setting. After completion of this training, the practitioner may choose to complete the remaining courses of the Certification Program, which entail more advanced methodologies. 

Level I includes the following topics: History and theory, manual muscle testing in depth, 14 alarm (test) points, 14 treatment points, psychological reversals, criteria-related reversals, neurologic disorganization basics, emotional neurovasculars, life energy analysis, basic single point protocol, overenergy diagnosis and corrections, introduction to energy toxins, preparation and debriefing, negative affect erasing method (NAEM), and the healing energy light process (HELP).

EDxTM Level II: This level includes a review with additional attention to manual muscle testing, neurologic disorganization, advanced healing energy light process (HELP), basic multi-point protocol, advanced single-point protocol (entailing a greater variety of treatment points than the basic 14 points), and the Outcome Projection Procedure (OPP). 

EDxTM Level III: This level includes a review with additional attention to manual muscle testing, basal energy analysis and management (BEAM), advanced multi-point protocol, core beliefs protocols, energy toxin diagnosis and treatment protocols, and peak performance protocols.

EDxTM Level IV: This level includes a detailed review, in addition to covering the orientation-to-origins protocol (Upsilon factor), treating introjects, thought recognition, the soul principle, and inclusion of other modalities in the treatment regime (e.g., homing thoughts, music, poetry, etc.), intuitive diagnosis, and applications with telephone consultation. Level IV also includes an objective exam and an individual project (e.g., case study) for trainees interested in becoming EDxTM Certified Practitioner (EDxTM-CP).

EDxTM Level V: This level is post certification training and is also an aspect of the EDxTM Master Practitioner track.  It is referred to as Energy Consciousness Therapy (ECT), which is an extension of certain aspects covered in EDxTM Level IV.  

ECT is a communication and therapeutic methodology that integrates principles of consciousness, thought recognition, and energy psychology. It is based on the assumptions that mental health is innate, that energy and consciousness are integrally interrelated, that the health of the therapist is imperative to achieving positive therapeutic results, and that elevating thought recognition supports mental health and therapeutic results.  In addition to employing energy psychology techniques, ECT emphasizes accessing innate health and higher consciousness so that the interaction between therapist and client becomes the primary impetus for change work. The therapeutic process conveys principles of energy, mind, thought, and consciousness that are relevant to the individual's specific issues. Through this deeper level of understanding, the problem can be transmuted and higher levels of consciousness and mental health can be maintained. Elevating the individual's level of consciousness in this way also serves to balance bioenergy. 

EDxTM Practitioner Certification Program - Prerequisites

These training's are available to mental health and allied health professionals. A background in energetic approaches to treating psychological conditions is recommended. Prospective trainees will be well prepared having completed at least an introduction to Energy Psychology such as "The New Energy Psychology" Seminar. A studied reading of Energy Psychology: Exploration at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health (Gallo, 1998), Energy Tapping (Gallo & Vincenzi, 2000), and Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (Gallo, 2000) is also an effective way to prepare for this training, although attendance at a seminar in energy psychology is recommended.