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Playful Resister
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Are You A Playful Resister?

Playful Personality

They can be quite playful and have a great eye for others flaws as well as their own.

Resiter Personality

They will usually become mired in frequently unnecessary conflict, struggling with parental figures, bosses, rules, and expectations from others. When left to their own devices, they can struggle with themselves, or appliances, or gravity!


Playful Resister Personality Aspects

  • PLAYFUL/RESISTERS learn early in life, usually by the time they are three years old, that everyone seems to want to  control their every trait and behavior.  That experience is enraging to the playful/resister.  They decide that no one is ever going to make them be something other than who they are.  A good idea in theory, but then they will expend every ounce of energy struggling with others rather than focusing their attention on making and following plans that will get them what they really want in life.  Hence they have a sense of being "on down the road" with no life plan.

  • PLAYFUL / RESISTERS tend to mistake feelings for reality, and are determined to not follow the protocol that is advised or expected of them.  They can be delightful, but sense they have to do things their own way, they're often "singing off a different page" than everyone else.

  • PLAYFUL / RESISTERS need to learn that life is not all black and white, right and wrong, but there are really many options available to them.  They also need to learn that they really are okay as they are and that not everyone is going to try to straighten them out!  They can smooth out if they feel safe and get in touch with their exhausted feelings (from so much struggling).

  • PLAYFUL / RESISTERS need for others to play with them rather than attempt to straighten them out. Anything that looks even remotely like control is suspect, so simply enjoy them!

  • PLAYFUL / RESISTERS are at their best when they stop struggling, get out of their either/or framework of thinking and realize that they don't have to struggle to survive.  Teaching them that they are free to say "no" rather than stand their ground with passive resistance is helpful.  Finally they need help resolving their fear about expressing themselves honestly.